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Maddalena Boat Trips & Excursions

Visit the Maddalena Archipelago

Tour Spargi, Budelli and S. Maria

Our excursions take place on board the M / N Riviera di Gallura, a vessel especially built to carry passengers and equipped with the latest equipment in the marine industry, designed with a focus on the comfort and convenience of passengers.

The qualified staff that will welcome you on board have many years experience in navigation and an in-depth knowledge of the coastline of the La Maddalena Archipelago and its islands.

The Riviera di Gallura offers a large lounge with comfortable seating and tables, and outside on the upper deck there are a number of tables and seats which are perfect for enjoying the view while traveling.

Thanks to the areas provided on the boat’s first and second decks, you can easily observe the wonders of the landscape, from the transparency of the crystal clear sea to the most picturesque little bays and the best known beaches which are the jewels of this Archipelago.

To allow easy access during one of the stops at the spiaggia dei Cavalieri, also known as Porto Madonna, we accompany travelers with a spacious raft and rubber dinghy in order to reach the shore and then get back on the boat.

The Itinerary

The guided excursions on the Riviera di Gallura include 4 LONG STOPS: the island of Spargi, the island of Budelli, the island of Santa Maria and La Maddalena.

STAGE N° 1 Cala Corsara, Isola di Spargi

The journey begins by passing in front of the beautiful villas of Porto Rafael and arrives after only 15 minutes at the beautiful Cala Corsara on the island of Spargi.

Here, after photographing the impressive rocks sculpted by the wind and the sea (Testa di Strega, Cane Bulldog and Stivale d’Italia), you can relax on the beach for an hour and thirty minutes.

Once back on board, it will be possible to buy the delicious lunch prepared by our expert cook Simona, READ THE MENU!

Then we set off again and reach the delightful coves of Spargi (Cala Soraya, Cala Granara and Cala Connari).

STAGE N° 2 The natural swimming pools, Budelli island

Before arriving at the destination of our second stage, Budelli Island, you will have the opportunity to admire the tall white limestone cliffs of nearby Corsica that bring out the colours of the landscape.

Once on Budelli, you will be enchanted by the extraordinary beauty of the Spiaggia Rosa and the Spiaggia dei Cavalieri, where Budelli’s natural pools are located.

Here you can immerse yourself in a real natural paradise, where the sky-blue hues of the ocean appear to reflect the sky. After a break of an hour and a half we get back on board to cross the Laguna, the Passo degli Asinelli, the Island of Razzoli and the Passo del Topo.

STAGE N° 3 The island of Santa Maria

The next stage around the island of Santa Maria is dedicated to diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. This location is among the most popular for visitors to Sardinia because of its crystal- clear sea and the richness and particular nature of its flora and fauna.

You cannot imagine the thrill of swimming among shoals of saddled bream and sargo!

On the way back, after skirting the islands of Barrettini and the North East side of the island of La Maddalena with its small fishermen’s church overlooking the sea, we get to the final part of the most celebrated and frequented destination in the Archipelago.

STAGE N° 4 The historic center of La Maddalena

What could be better than ending a fantastic day on the beach with a walk around the historic centre of the only town in the whole archipelago?

La Maddalena is well known for its picturesque alleys and stairways that do not seem to have suffered during the passage of time while the centre of the town is also full of craft shops and boutiques for shopping, an excellent opportunity for those who want to take back memories of the trip, buy local products or enjoy a delicious homemade ice cream.