Riviera di Gallura

The Island of Santo Stefano

This island is located south of La Maddalena and dominated by Monte Zucchero which reaches 100 metres above sea level.
Along its northern coast it has a number of remarkably beautiful inlets including the spiaggia del Pesce with its crystalline waters. For thirty years the island was a submarine base for the US Navy.

The Island of Spargi

The island has a unique almost circular shape and is dominated by the Guardia Preposti hill which rises to 155 meters above sea level.

Here there is a small plain where a few shepherds live who built little granite shacks. Cala Corsara is found along the coast, near which the remains of an ancient Roman ship were discovered.

The Island of Budelli

Budelli is located to the north of Spargi and is characterized by nature that is still unspoilt. It is dominated by Monte Budelli which rises 87 meters above sea level. Its coastline has a number of famous beaches including the “Pink Beach”, so called because of the typical colour of the sand.

The Island of Razzoli

Razzoli is located to the north of Budelli, heading towards the Straits of Bonifacio. It is dominated by the 65 metre high Monte Cappello, and is characterized by steep and rocky shores with an unparalleled beauty. You can only gain access to the island from Cala Lunga, where there is a currently uninhabited stretch of beach that was once used by fishermen and hunters looking for wild rabbits.

The Island of Santa Maria

This island is located east of Razzoli and consists of a flat expanse dominated by the Guardia del Turco which is no more than 50 metres high.

The Island of Caprera

Home to the Garibaldi Compendium which consists of buildings once owned by Giuseppe Garibaldi and later transferred by his heirs to the Italian State which oversaw the last restoration, here is the famous “Casa Bianca” or “White House” where Garibaldi spent the last years of his life and where all the memorabilia documenting his exploits and daily life on the island are collected. Around the courtyard of the house are the stables and storage rooms while out in the back are the oven, the first windmill built by the general, and a monument with a bust of Garibaldi by Bistolfi.

A wide path leads from the bust to his tomb which consists of a simple granite block next to the graves of his wife Francesca Armosino and children Manlio, Teresita, Rosa Anita and Clelia.


These rates don’t include the disembarkation fee due to La Maddalena town council.
You have to add to the following rates 2,5 € in May and September, 5 € in June, July and August.
Children aged from 0 to 6 don’t have to pay this fee.

From 1st to 31st May

Adults 35 €
Children 4-10 years old 20 €
Children 0-3 years old Free


Adults 40 €
Children 5-8 years old 25 €
Children 0-4 years old Free


Adults 45 €
Children 5-8 years old 25 €
Children 0-4 years old Free


Adults 50 €
Children 5-8 years old 30 €
Children 0-4 years old Free

From 1st to 9th September

Adults 45 €
Children 5-8 years old 25 €
Children 0-4 years old Free

From 10th to 30th September

Adults 35 €
Children 5-8 years old 15 €
Children 0-4 years old Free


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